Home Alone, Debasree in Shukno Lanka
By Bengali Tollywood News Network, 25.06.2010

Her role dosen't span the entire length of Gaurav Pandey's Shukno Lanka. But Debasree Roy Confirms, "My character is essential to the plot.
People will remember me even after they leave the theatre." The actor plays sabyasachi Chakrabarty's wife in the film. Giving some details
about her role Debasree say's,"She is a lonely soul craving attention from her film-marker husband loves her no end. But my character wants
her hubby to be expressive in love. She even drops in on his sets just to seek his attention." Ask the actor is she too is attention crazy
in real  life and she answers, "Tell me , who isn't? We all love to be cared for and looked after. But I am not dying for attention."

The actor adds that she could relate to this character because there are many women like her who crave for some attention from their husbands.
"I loved essaying the role for the simple fact that it is close to real life characters," Debasree continues.

The actor, at present, is busy canning shots for Bhalo Meye Mondo Meye and will start shooting for Mumbai director, Rajarshi's as-yet-untitled
venture, which stars Rudranil Ghosh and Rajatava Dutta apart from her.

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