Campus Calling?
By Bengali Tollywood News Network, 25.06.2010

A few years ago, mainstream Bengali movies, with their washed out look and over-the-top stars mouthing melodramatic lines,didn't have anytakers on city capuses.
Movies by sRk, Aamir or even, Ranbir, were a far better alternative. But the recent years have seen a transition of sorts. While Dev gets mobbed shooting on
Park street by a group of students from Loreto, neighbours of Jeet tell him about the growing interest of him among students of city's upmarket schools.

Says Shalmi Barman class xII, La Martiniere for Girls, "Tollywood is bipolar.While on the one hand it has very dishum dishum kind of films the others are
ment for the intellectual crowd. There are some directorswho are making effort are showing even though they still have a long way to go."

Illustrating her POV,Shalmi says,"My mother used to pen the script for Ekhane akash Neel and often, my friends have asked me to reveal the story line.
Though I heven't noticed a similarkind of craze about Tollywood movies yet,today,  we are willing to give Bangla films a chance. Every Bengali-speaking girl
from La Marts is aware of Ley Chakka. I'm keen on watching the too."

Her classmate Prerona Roy Chowdhury says that Rahul Bose enjoys a huge popularity in her class. "But he isn't a Tollywood actor. Earlier, we would flip through
the pages devoted to Tollywood since we weren't interested in a regular song- and-dance routine. Today, we are curious."

Avishek Barua, a first year BCA student of Institute of Engineering and Management, says he loves to watch Dev's films. "I've studied in St Lawrence High School. Eariler,
Bengali films were too tacky . Today, I watch Vev's flims. He has a good sense of style and can fit in as a romantic hero who can do a bit of action. From Challenge to LC,
 I've watched all his Films,"Avishek insists.

Dev too is aware of his growing popularity among the up market crowd,"Earlier, we were told that our fans would seek our autographs only in the districts . While shooting
on Park Street, I was pleasantly surprised when a  bunch of girls called me by my name and asked for my autograph. Young couples have told me that thier children  won't
have lunch unlees my songs are played. Our films are discussed on social networking sites too. Our films have taken bigger openings in Kolkata than recent Hindi movies!"

Fifty-something Jayanty RAy, who has lived in the US for a couple of years, Insists that she is staying back in kolkata because of her admiration for Jeet. "Before Saathi,
I wouldn't watch contemporary Bengali films. Today, I do. I notice a growing interest in Tollywood among youngsters."

Jeet insists that the credit for this growth goes to a number of people committed to Tollywood's cause. "From actors and producers to composers and directors, the effort
is to increase viewer base. Jeet Gannguli's songs play at discs today and young professionals pen online reviews of our movies. Saathi, Challenge, Kranti, Chirodini... Tumi Je Amar
have managed to woo the upmarket crowd," says Jeet.

Seems like, it's just a matter of time when Bengali movies and their stars hog the campus limelight as much as their Bollywood Counterparts do.

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can any one help me how to join film line??

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