BLACKMAIL Bangla Movie Review
By Bengalitollywood Team 01/02/2013

Supriyo Saha’s directorial debut Indian Bangla movie ‘Blackmail’ opens with the cop Sourav Chatterjee (played by Rohan Bhattacharya) beating up goons in Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ style, even putting his sunglasses at the back of his shirt in true Chulbul Pandey fashion. The story moves on in the fashion of Zeher (2005) with marital strife between Sourav and his pregnant wife Sayantika (or Sonu as she is lovingly called by Sourav)  leading to divorce.

Rajatava Datta as the antagonist ‘Agnidev Dasgupta’ appears in only a glimpse in the first half. It is in the second half that he occupies more screen time. With the help of an orphan girl Pamela (played by Nimisha Dey Sarkar - WBRi Interview) whom he has raised, Agnidev tricks the police inspector into a love and Pamela becomes pregnant. Then Sourav is blackmailed and is led into into a messy situation.

In another surprising turn Sourav’s wife Sayantika returns as a CID officer. The rest of the films deals with what happens to Sourav and if he can prove his innocence.

The director did not work too hard on the story of the Kolkata Bangla movie. The script has a number of loop-holes which he did not notice. One may not find the answer to how Sourav’s ex-wife Sayantika becomes a CID inspector overnight. Apart from a scene in the film, Sourav is always seen in plain clothes. Do cops now have that much liberty?

The dialogues are occasionally truly entertaining along with the weird story line. “Sabai Jodi bou hote chai, pirit korbo kar sathe?”, “toder baap eshe geche, choddo purush key lagbe na” and “ekbar jake ami target kori, tar namer pashe expiry date pore jay” do deserve some appreciation.

About the songs in the film, “Soniye” is better than the others - Mon, Lets be crazy and Blackmail. The music director Deb Sen has done a passable job trying to throw songs into a cliched plot.


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